Dr Cardenas participates as Regional Faculty in the AO course

1 August, 2017 by admin0

Last July Dr Cardenas participated as Regional Faculty in the course AO Advanced principles in the treatment of fractures, in the Poaina-Brasow region of Transylvania in Romania, where 50 surgeons from Romania, Moldova, Israel and the United Kingdom attended . Dr Cardenas maintains a permanent collaboration channel with Dr Andrei Ursache President of AO Romania, head of the Traumatology and Orthopedics Section of Centrului Medical Povita and consultant of the Spitalul Clinic of Urgenta Bucuresti. The Advanced Course was developed together with the other Regional Faculty, Professor Klaus-Dieter Schaser of the Carl Gusta Carus University Clinic in Dresden, Germany.

This is the second ADVANCED course within the Ao Internacional group in which Dr Cardenas collaborates as Faculty in 2017. The first was held in Lima, Peru, during the month of March under the direction of Dr Aldo Velit and Dr. Carlos Domínguez (Mexico) and Dr José Eduardo Quintero (Colombia) as regional guests.

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